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Designed by Bethany Reynolds

larger view

This exciting collection begins with two large-scale prints (12" design repeat), Spirals and Rectangles. Both are perfect for Stack-n-Whack® and other dynamic quilting projects! To complement them, there's a packed circle design with little spirals on each circle, and a speckled background texture print. Next, a zippy stripe for borders, sashing, or you-name-it. Finally, for neat creative options, add large circles framed by rick-rack in a 4" square grid..think cornerstones, appliqued circles, even "cheater quilt" projects!

I have had so much fun playing with these, and I hope you will find inspiration too!

If you'd like your local quilt shop to carry these prints, please ask them to contact their Blank Quilting Fabric Representative.


Download the free pattern for the Spin Cycle quilt shown above.

The collection comes in 3 colorways. The photos below show 12" squares. To view a gallery with larger photos, click here.

CLEARANCE SALE- REMAINING PRINTS ARE $4.00 yd. Click here for the Clearance Sale Order Form. Only prints shown on the clearance order form are still available.


Salsa: Black background with bright red, violet, green, orange, and yellow. A very dramatic combination!

Salsa 3943 Circles in Grid

Salsa 3944 Spirals
Salsa 3945 Stripe Salsa 3946 Rectangles
Salsa 3947 Dots Salsa 3948 Speckles


Bubblegum: White ground with whimsical pinks, turquoise, lime, and yellow. This colorway has a youthful 60's "pop" feel.

Bubblegum 3943 Circles in Grid Bubblegum 3944 Spirals
Bubblegum 3945 Stripe- SORRY, SOLD OUT Bubblegum 3946 Rectangles
Bubblegum 3947 Dots Turq. 3948 Speckles


Blue: White and lavender grounds with indigo, celery, moss, apricot, and lavender. A cool, contemporary combination with an herbal flavor.

Blue 3943 Circles in Grid Blue 3944 Spirals
Blue 3945 Stripe Blue 3946 Rectangles
Blue 3947 Dots Lime 3948 Speckles
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