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Stack-n-Whack® Coasters

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Looking for a distinctive hostess gift? These coasters are eye-catching, yet simple to make. When slipped over the base of a wine glass, each unique coaster serves to identify the guest's glass.

The coasters are made from a four-layer stack. You can use any leftover stacks from other projects that are at least 5" wide and four or more layers. If you're starting with a new stack, you'll need four design repeats. A half-width stack with a design repeat of 11" -12" will make 8 coasters. If your repeat is 7"-8", you'll be able to get 4 coasters from each half-width stack.


Start by making a half-width stack of four identical layers. (See the ARF tutorial for easy instructions.)
Tack or pin the four layers across the width to align the motifs.

Trim the tacked edge, and cut a 5" strip across the width. Cut the strip into four 5" squares.


Using a discarded CD as a template*, cut a circle from each square.
Also cut 2 circles from a coordinating fabric for each coaster. These don't have to be lined up. They will be the backing and inside lining for the coaster.

For each coaster:

Fold the 4-layer circle set in half, and make a small (1/8") snip at each side of the fold to mark the foldline.

Press each of the four circles in half, using the snips as a guide.

Layer the four pressed half-circles from each set. Overlap one half of each half-circle in a basket-weave manner.

Lay the four circles on top of two coordinating circles in this order:

Coordinating circle, right side down
Coordinating circle, right side up
Four overlapped half-circles, with the side you want for the finished coaster right side down.

Pin the edge. Stitch around the circle with a 1/4" seam allowance.
Turn the coaster right side out through the center and press. Topstitch if desired.

*This project is adapted from a pattern by Rita Fishel for Creative Grids®. Visit their website to download the "Winey Coasters" and other free patterns. The original design used the 5 1/2" circle from the Creative Grids Circle Set. Look for this handy set at your local quilt shop.